Starlings Island
In the Chesapeake Bay, just offshore of Saxis, VA


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     The possible uses for Starlings Island are almost limitless.  It is zoned for agricultural use which allows for a remarkably wide array of uses.  A few possibilities include:

A Permanent Home - With the mainland only a 2 minute boat ride away is is possible to live on the Island year round. 

An All-Seasons Retreat - Imagine leaving the bustle of the city behind and getting away to your private island retreat!  The summer season is great for boating and water sports while the fall and spring allow for bird watching and pleasant strolls around the island.  In the winter, enjoy hunting the seemingly endless parade of ducks and geese that flock to the Wildlife Management area adjacent to the Island.

An exclusive Bed and Breakfast - Starlings Island would make a spectacular setting for an exclusive bed and breakfast.  Imagine being able to offer guests use of an entire Island for the ultimate pampered getaway!  With nearby attractions such as Chincoteague, Crisfield, and Assateague Island guests would have lots of off island options for passing the days.  A Special Use Permit would probably be required.

A Private Nature Preserve - Have your own private preserve to watch nature up close.  One of our favorite things to do is camp on the Island in the spring and enjoy listening to the birds sing as they dart all around the island.  There's nothing like the excitement of catching a glimpse of a new born fawn.

A Sportsman's or Boating Club -  This use is generally allowed by right in Accomack County.  There are a number of different ways a club could be structured.  It has been suggested to create a club where members would each have exclusive use of the island and its facilities for a few weeks out of the year  (similar to a time share).  With the inter-coastal waterway in the Chesapeake Bay, Starlings Island would make a great stopping point (or destination) on any journey.

As an investment - The Eastern Shore of Virginia has been seeing great appreciation in real estate values as people discover its charm and beauty.  In Saxis there has been tremendous appreciation in value in the past few years with some properties seeing a 50% increase in just 5 years.  As environmental regulations continue to more stringent there are bound to be fewer islands that can be built on.


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